How LuckyFans Works


Welcome to LuckyFans™, an integrated social mobile game that drives live, real-time (or recorded) on-field professional athlete performance data directly into a poker-style interface to provide a fun and engaging visual depiction of the outcome of the athletes’ performance.  In other words, you aren’t actually playing poker, but you can enjoy the excitement that a poker-style game provides. 

This prototype version is utilized to explore various new functionalities as we work to make LuckyFans™ an exciting and valuable new game for you and your friends.  While occasionally some functionality may be in limbo due to testing, we welcome your participation in the development process and appreciate your help as we work to make LuckyFans™ the top-tier product that it can eventually be.  Please email suggestions to [email protected]

In the meantime, please enjoy this free-to-play social game as you earn credits that represent entries to win a portion of our sweepstakes tournament prize pools in our various sweepstakes tournaments.  Of course, no purchase or payment is ever needed to enter or win in the sweepstakes.  See the Sweepstakes Official Rules for more details.

General Game Description

LuckyFans™ offers cost-free opportunities to receive virtual “coins” to play our games and also earn entries into our sweepstakes drawings.  While the games are presented visually like a poker hand, you are not actually playing poker.  Instead, outcomes in the games are determined by the performance of athletes in real-world events (all randomly selected by our computer), with each athlete corresponding to a card in the virtual deck.

To add to the fun and excitement, there are opportunities to leverage your knowledge of sports to try to earn extra coins during bonus periods after you learn which athletes correspond to your virtual cards.   In other words, your timing and predictions can help.  But don’t worry, you never actually risk losing any of your virtual "coins".  You always can get them back at the end of any “losing hand” by simply watching a short ad.  So, give it your best shot, play with confidence, and have fun while you accumulate “coins” which are converted to entries into our sweepstakes offerings.  Plus, remember there are lots of other free ways to earn sweepstakes entries as well. See the Sweepstakes Official Rules for more details.    

Integrated Sports

Currently, Play Globally is building the LuckyFans™ prototype around MLB, NBA, and NASCAR with future reskins for numerous other sports, races and matches.  Do you have an idea for how LuckyFans™ can be used in other ways?  We welcome your comments: [email protected].

Compatibility is designed to be fully compatible with iPhone and Android handheld devices and has been tested primarily on the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.  The DuckDuckGo browser provides most functionality, though some sound effects and sign-in automation may be less cooperative.  All names of technology platforms and browsers are trademarks of their respective owners, none of whom are affiliated in any way with this app or any games or sweepstakes offered via this app.

We hope you enjoy playing LuckyFans™.  Have fun and be sure to check out the LuckyFans™ Sweepstakes Official Rules for more details.


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